Uganda Innovation Week

The largest gathering of the Uganda Startup Ecosystem

Uganda Innovation Week is an event that was established with a specific goal in mind; to bring together the startup ecosystem of Uganda. Since 2019, Startup Uganda, an association of Entrepreneurial Support Organisations, has brought together startups and innovators, potential investors, public & private sector partners, thought leaders and pacesetters to showcase, discover and engage. The event this year promises more inclusivity, a wider reach and a general country-wide movement

THEME: Uganda’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Unlocking the Missing Links.

Despite the level of growth of the startup ecosystem here in Uganda, there are still a number of gaps to bridge in order to ensure the development of viable, market-ready enterprises and the ability of relevant stakeholders to adequately support said enterprises. The three-day event will identify some of these missing links and facilitate conversation around possible ways to eradicate the issues.

Uganda Innovation Week: Paving the Way for a more robust Startup Ecosystem in Uganda



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