KIW 2021

KIW 2021 was also hosted as a hybrid event, this time over the course of five days, Nov 22nd – 26th 2021. Under the theme “Harnessing the power of Innovation & Entrepreneurship for Uganda’s digital transformation, job creation and economic sustainability” we gathered an online audience of over 15,000 across Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and the event hosting platform, Hubilo. In house numbers were kept to 50 people and below.

KIW 2020

Startup Uganda hosted KIW 2020 as a hybrid event, the first of its kind given the global circumstances. A small in-house audience (100 people per day) were gathered at MOTIV between Nov 26th & Nov 28th 2020. All session were streamed onto Whova, the platform that hosted the event. Whova alongside our social media platforms (Facebook & Twitter) attracted an online audience of over 10,000 people all learning and engaging under the theme, Recovery, Resilience and Innovation.

KIW 2019

Over the course of 3 days (Oct 16th – 18th 2019) at the Kololo Airstrip alongside various partners, we gathered over 2000 accomplished and aspiring entrepreneurs, local start-up hubs, both local and regional VC funds, industry experts and thought leaders and development partners to SHOWCASE, DISCOVER & ENGAGE, the theme for the event. The event also officially launched Startup Uganda, an association of entrepreneurial support organisations here in Uganda.
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